Yawning Cat Photography: Blog http://yawningcat.zenfolio.com/blog en-us (C) Yawning Cat Photography jenilong1@aol.com (Yawning Cat Photography) Mon, 28 May 2012 14:00:00 GMT Mon, 28 May 2012 14:00:00 GMT http://yawningcat.zenfolio.com/img/s/v-5/u268605354-o561124543-50.jpg Yawning Cat Photography: Blog http://yawningcat.zenfolio.com/blog 120 119 Let the sun shine ........ http://yawningcat.zenfolio.com/blog/2012/5/let-the-sun-shine At last we have the weather we've all hoped for and in return have seen some fantastic track action and some big smiles over the weekend of Yanks weekend / Garys Picnic. Unbroken sunshine blessed the whole event seeing many with personal best times set on the track, although slightly tainted by the coming together of Mick Goulds' car with the armco that shortened the racing day on Saturday gladly mick walked away with a few bruises and sadly the car was rather worse off :-(

Sunday saw the NASC Garys Picnic shootout with £500 up for grabs in the eight cylinder class won by Joe Stevens in his Sunbeam Stilletto, also over the weekend saw the on track debut of the rather extended 'Torment' that has gained length in the wheelbase seems to have made its days of looking like a possessed chinchilla boinging down the track a distant memory, it ran its best time of 9.1 to the 900 ft mark on the track and then losing oil pressure put an end to the weekends play, im sure there's a lot more to see from that car!

Andy Fadster was also true to form becoming the 'car of chaos' on his first three runs of the weekend, run one with a wheels up so high it boinked the dip stick out and fine oil sprayed the track along with modifying the front axle and runs two and three saw hard pulls to the left both times killing off foam timing blocks as he went, after much head scratching in the pits as to why the car so favored going left it occurred that the slicks were odd diameters two inches whilst parked up which would only amplify when on the track, discarded slicks replaced with treads saw the car run a pb of  8.17 @173mph which in my book is quite impressive on street treads!

Gasser Circus and Wild Bunch also put on a great show on the track the flake on Honky Tonkin 2 dancing in the sunshine making eyes dazzle with the best run of weekend was 9.44@145mph. Wild Bunch saw Team Go Hard or Go Home take the class win which isn't bad going after the breakages at Springspeed also I'd like to personally wish Mark Coulsell a 'get well soon' after breaking three toes whilst helping another racer unload a car, wheelie bars meeting with flip flops don't always make the greatest combo but this didn't stop Mark from running 9.6 on the track.

So another successful weekend hosted by Shakespeare County Raceway next event is a Public Track weekend with Shakey Super Pull which will see tractors strutting their stuff on the purpose built track, visit the website to catch up on the latest news : 


See you there!!

Y.C. xx



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April showers bring the flowers.......... http://yawningcat.zenfolio.com/blog/2012/4/april-showers-bring-the-flowers Well yes April showers do bring the flowers but also a few grim days stood in the rain or even to the point of events being cancelled due to rough weather, I always seem to remember as a child April as being a warm and sunny month with the odd pesky shower.

Since my last post there has been a few events added to the gallery, the season opener at Shakespeare County Raceway http://www.shakespearecountyraceway.co.uk/ was a busy one unfortunately I was only able to attend the rather grey Saturday which inspired me to spice up the skies with a red filter, I have a whole box of multi coloured filters to try throughout this season - so no more grey skies!

Soon to be uploaded are images from the Red Marley Hill Climb  http://redmarleyhillclimb.com The weather was true to form for a British bank holiday, it rained constantly for the whole day making the action on the climb carnage at times with bikes and riders sliding in all directions on the 440 yard 1:1.25 hill, I watched and admired the hill climb marshals as they helped recover bikes and riders from the difficult terrain and at times their recoveries did have quite comedic value, hats off to their hard work.

So as we near May there are some splendid dates to come, the finest and largest Italian car show at Brooklands courtesy of Auto Italia Magazine opens May for me snapping wise along side the Springspeed Nationals at Shakespeare county on the same weekend plus action form Garys Picnic towards the end of the month.

In the mean time a few other events for the last part of April are Prescott Bike Festival that raises money for the blood bikes http://www.severnfreewheelers.co.uk/ plus Bristol Italian Auto Motor Festival http://www.biamf.co.uk/

Its getting busier as the year goes on, lets hope the weather sets in our favor !

Maybe see you at an event,

Y.C. x

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A fresh start in 2012 !! http://yawningcat.zenfolio.com/blog/2012/2/a-fresh-start-in-2012--- Welcome fellow motor sport lovers to the 2012 season here at yawning cat H.Q. The season started on a high note at the splendid season opener Race Retro Show at Stonleigh Park Warwickshire where I was treated to a huge and varied collection of historic rally cars and drivers performing in enthusiastic style on the demo track, this along side the high quality of static displays in the show halls and the added bonus of the sun shinning all weekend (and been able to get within a few feet of jamiroquai) sent me home with a big old grin on my face now feeling full of enthusiasm for the drag race season to begin at the end of March.

So here's to a long spring and summer where were all blessed with the weather in our favor for all events - see you at the track!!


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